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Stefano Carnevale – AIPS Media

Awards winners, Rome Congress candidatures, World Sports Journalism Day and more

LAUSANNE, July 17, 2022 – From the celebration of sports media excellence in Doha to the preparations for the upcoming elective Congress in Rome (from 2nd to 6th of October, 2022). Many stories can be found in the latest version of the AIPS Magazine, published in such an immersive and decisive moment for the Association, which remains committed to the affairs of sports journalists in such a struggling and complicated time, due to the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine and tension spreading around the world. Issues make the role and values of sports journalism even more crucial than before.

ITS ONLY WHEN WE ARE UNITED THAT WE CAN SAVE ALL” AIPS President Gianni Merlo highlighted these profound words his editorial. The boxing ring in which prominent personalities from all over the world – Torsten Tegner from Sweden, Franz Reichel (the first AIPS President) Victor Bion from Belgium, Andrej Sekura from Czechoslovakia and Henry Pozzi from France – founded the International Sports Press Association is the perfect metaphor to represent the intense and decisive fight that sports journalism needs to conduct in troubled times of war and chaos, moments in which sports journalists “must act, defend our freedom, our independence, our human rights which are in danger everywhere”.

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